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February 3, 2016
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April 5, 2016
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When you take a cruise through the Western Caribbean, your entire purpose is simply to relax and to have fun. That’s exactly what we aim for you to do on board a Jolly Roger Roatan Catamaran Sailing and Snorkeling shore excursion.

When you join us in Roatan for several hours away from your cruise ship, we want you to see the beauty of our island home and to savor every moment of happiness in paradise with us.

If you aren’t having fun, we’re doing something wrong. But – if you look through our hundreds and hundreds of excellent TripAdvisor reviews, we think you’ll realize that we’re definitely doing something right!

We work hard every day to make sure our guests enjoy themselves and leave Roatan feeling happy, refreshed, and anxious to return someday.

While the central purpose of our trip is snorkeling, that’s not all we do! We take you away from your ship for several hours of fun in the sun. Our journey out to our favorite snorkel spot will show you part of the stunning Roatan coastline, filled with character and interesting history. Ask any of our crewmembers about the island as you go – we love sharing our home with you!

After snorkeling and returning to our large catamaran, it’s time for lunch. We know how you feel…after swimming and snorkeling for about an hour, you’re hungry! We offer a delicious rotisserie chicken lunch with all the sides you could want. We also open up the bar for rum cocktails or any of a variety of non-alcoholic options as well.

And what goes best with sunshine, salt air, and a rum cocktail? Well, dancing of course! We love to turn on some fun tunes and dance our way back to shore. We always ask that our guests be considerate of all the other guests aboard our catamaran, and that they drink responsibly. We are all here for a fun time, and we all want to enjoy ourselves! Some good music, great food, and spectacular island views are all we need to have a fantastic end to our day out on the water.

Like we said, we want you to return to your cruise ship feeling relaxed, and having enjoyed your day with Jolly Roger Roatan. If that means dancing in a conga line – we’re with you; if that means lounging in the sun as you watch the world sail by – we’ll deliver you a fresh drink where you sit. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be right here ready to make it happen.

Cheers to a fun day together in paradise!

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