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December 30, 2015
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The most important part of traveling is exploring your new surroundings and learning about the local culture. It helps you to better understand the area and the people, and it’s always fun to bring home a little souvenir from your travels to remember all the places you visited.

When you’re on a cruise, you’re visiting several different countries in a very short amount of time, so it’s easy to confuse the ports and to blur the details of the destinations you visited. The other potential issue is the short amount of time you might have in port! If you only have a few hours in a destination and you head out on a fun shore excursion like Jolly Roger Roatan Sailing and Snorkeling with Lunch, then you might not have much time to go shopping for souvenirs.

Partly as a thank you for choosing to spend your precious time in port with us on Jolly Roger, and partly because we love to share our beautiful tropical home with you, we offer each of our guests a token souvenir to bring home. As you disembark from our sailing catamaran at the end of your tour, you’ll receive some local currency to bring home.

In Honduras, the local currency is called the Lempira. It’s named for a Lenca warrior from centuries ago who was well respected and admired by his people. As the Lenca were a powerful people in Honduras, we named our currency the Lempira.

The Lempira to U.S. Dollar ratio is typically around L.22 to $1. So when we offer you a L.1 note to bring home, please don’t think you’re suddenly rich! That amounts to less than $0.05, so you won’t be going on a spending spree back at the port. But we do want you to remember your visit to Honduras, and what better way than to see our local currency and to learn a bit about our cultural history.

We hope you enjoy showing this Lempira to your friends and family when you return home, and we hope you have a fantastic time with us during your tour!

If you’re currently trying to decide whether to book Jolly Roger for your Roatan cruise shore excursion, take a look through our TripAdvisor reviews to see what our guests have to say about their days with us.

We hope to see you soon!

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