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April 5, 2016
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If you’re joining Jolly Roger for your shore excursion in Roatan, we are excited to meet you soon! To better prepare you for your day with us, here is some insight on the way our whole tour works.

There are two cruise ship ports in Roatan hosting different cruise line companies for each one. The Port of Roatan is located in Coxen Hole and typically hosts the Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity cruise ships. Mahogany Bay is located just next to the Jolly Roger marina, and typically hosts the Carnival, Princess, Holland America, and Costa cruise ships, plus many other smaller companies.

If you are docking at Mahogany Bay, we will try our best to pick you up at the port directly on our catamaran. However, it is very important to note that our ability to do so is determined by the weather conditions as well as your cruise ship schedule.

If we cannot pick you up by catamaran from either port, we have our own air-conditioned passenger vans that will transport you to your docked catamaran at another location on the island.

There are also many times when we will need to use vans to return you to the cruise ship dock. Often, this is determined by wind conditions. While it may be a gorgeous sunny day, if the winds are headed in a certain direction or at a certain speed, we simply cannot fight them all the way back to the port and risk being late. Cruise ship schedules are very strict, and unfortunately, the wind doesn’t care about the clock! In these situations, we will most certainly utilize our vans to ensure you return to your ship on time.

Our primary goal is to maximize the amount of time you have out on the water. We will always be sure to give you around an hour of snorkeling time, but we can never promise the amount of time we will spend on the catamaran in total. That depends on weather and the timing of your specific cruise ship. Ideally, we can spend the whole rest of the tour out on the water with you after snorkeling! But sometimes that is simply not possible, and it is completely out of our control.

During those times we use our vans for transport, it also gives you a wonderful opportunity to see more of our beautiful island of Roatan! Always feel free to ask questions of your driver/tour guides, we love talking about our home and are so happy to share it with you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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