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Most Western Caribbean cruises stop for a day in Roatan, either at Mahogany Bay or Port of Roatan, depending upon the cruise line. When you choose your Roatan shore excursion, you want to make sure you’ll have a fun-filled day taking advantage of Roatan’s beautiful island environment. So come join us at Jolly Roger Roatan Sailing and Snorkeling with Lunch!

Where is Roatan?

Roatan is the southernmost port for Western Caribbean cruises. Many stop in Mexico and Belize, and then come to Roatan before heading back toward the U.S.

Roatan is located off the coast of Honduras and is surrounded by the second largest barrier reef system in the world. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef has made Roatan a premier scuba diving and snorkeling destination. You should take advantage of our beautiful underwater views for your Western Caribbean cruise shore excursion in Roatan.

Roatan is a very green tropical island – not arid like some of the islands in the Eastern Caribbean. We have rolling hills that run the length of our island and offer incredible views off both the north and south shores.

Roatan is also not overly developed. As your cruise ship approaches our island, it may look like hardly anyone lives here! We don’t have massive condominium buildings or hotels along the shore.

You might notice our small seaside villages with homes built on stilts over the water. Or maybe you’ll see our commercial center with fishing boats and freight or cargo ships. Maybe you’ll just marvel at how lush our tropical island looks from the sea. Roatan is a true Caribbean gem.

Best Shore Excursion in Roatan

When you’re deciding which shore excursion to do on your Western Caribbean cruise, we have a (biased) inside track for you.

Jolly Roger Roatan offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy a guided snorkeling excursion with professional tour guides. We have multiple spacious catamarans and enjoy fantastic feedback from our many cruise ship guests.

You simply cannot visit Roatan and not enjoy the amazing underwater views we have just off shore.

In addition to a beautiful snorkeling experience, we cruise or sail along the coast of Roatan for a while. This provides you with gorgeous island views and the chance to learn more about our island home.

Jolly Roger Roatan is a great family activity that kids and adults all enjoy. Guests love our buffet lunch of fresh, local fare, and adults get to enjoy as many drinks as they’d like. We offer a pirate’s favorite: rum! We also have endless soft drinks and distilled water to keep you hydrated in the tropical heat.

Spending your Western Caribbean cruise shore excursion in Roatan with Jolly Roger is the best way to spend your day in port. For convenience, book your shore excursion directly with your cruise line. We look forward to welcoming you to our stunning tropical isle!

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